KJV+Ref Bible Module

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For those who are fascinated with eschatology combined with numerology, this KJV+Ref bible module if for you!

This special KJV+Ref bible module was created to do word searches which includes bible reference searches, because I found my self trawling through from Genesis to Revelation every time I wanted to match a word with a scripture reference, which took a long time.

For example, should you want to search out every bible reference with "9:11" in it, specifically because you know that number is linked to historical pandemonium, using this bible module dramatically reduces your search time.

Note that the KJV bible is public domain, and I also offer my additional work of these modules for free. No donations excepted.

The respective bible modules below are zipped, and must be manually unzipped to your appropriate bible module directory. May you have success in incorporating this module and that your joy may be full.


For E-Sword users ver 8x and below. ( 1.9 MB )


For E-Sword users ver 9x and above. ( 2.2 MB )


For The Word. ( 1.2 MB )


Snapshot example.

The text in blue is what is added.


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